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Each ship has a unique ion trial signature. When a ship moves from one location to another, their ion trail remains in the sector. The amount and level of scanners on your ship will reveal a certain number of ion trails in a sector. Ion trails by default last for 24 hours. After 24 hours have passed, a trail will not be detectable. Players can find Distortions in the game that will reduce the expiration of their ion trail to 12 hours.

   1 X Scanner I = 10 Trails
   2 X Scanner I = 20 Trails
   3 X Scanner I = 30 Trails
   1 X Scanner II = 40 Trails
   2 X Scanner II = 50 Trails
   3 X Scanner II = 60 Trails
   1 X Scanner III = 70 Trails
   2 X Scanner III = 80 Trails
   3 X Scanner III = 90 Trails